Have you ever experienced a hot stone massage? If not, then now is the perfect time to visit a luxurious Arizona Day Spa and try one. A hot massage is about not just relaxing your muscles and soothing your body, but it is largely about energy. The therapist focuses on creating positive energy, promoting good energy flow throughout your body and connecting your body and spirit. You see, massage really is multi-layered. Especially at Inspire Day Spa, the experiences you receive at our lakeside facility really do help heal all of your layers.

Stone Massage | Spa Massages | Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

Stone Massage in Scottsdale: The Basics

Often guests don’t truly understand the differences between the various massages we offer here, as well as at our sister facility: New Serenity Spa. There are important nuances which differentiate the types of spa massage treatments available. Depending on what areas may be troubling you, or what end result you desire, finding the perfect massage is important.  Here is a quick look at some key ways in which massage therapies differ.

  • Hot Stone Massage vs. Swedish Massage: With a Swedish massage, the therapist focuses on kneading and applying long strokes to loosen stiff muscles and joints. With Stone massage, the focus is more around the basalt rocks which are heated just prior to treatment. The therapist will then use the stones to massage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage versus Hot Massage: Deep tissue massage primarily focuses on applying pressure to certain points that may be concerning you or causing problems. The massage helps to break down scar tissue and alleviate sore areas. The hot massage purpose is again, more to create an ultra comfortable sensation while working with the body’s innate energy.
  • Sports Massage versus Stone Massage: When it comes to a sports massage, we find this is particularly popular among athletes, as their bodies can certainly get a lot of wear and tear. Often its intent is to reinvigorate muscle and help sooth aches. With a hot stone treatment, the therapist performs a more comprehensive massage all over the body.

Stone Massage | Spa Massages | Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

Stone Massage and Inspire Day Spa: A Match Made in Heaven

Come and visit our lakeside retreat. A spa for both men and women, we are truly an oasis in the city. Experience a hot stone massage like you never have before. We will make sure you are totally relaxed, absolutely comfortable and prepared to let every care in your mind and body just drift away. We look forward to spending some time pampering you!


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