Perhaps one of our most popular massages, the Swedish massage has been a staple of day spas now for many years.  When considering the best Swedish massage Scottsdale has to offer, you really need to look at the therapists and the way in which they are trained.  You want someone who understands the techniques and the purpose behind this type of massage.  At Inspire Day Spa all of our therapists our highly qualified when it comes to the practice of Swedish massage.

We thought it might be interesting to take a look at some facts that you may or may not know about this particular kind of massage technique.  There are a few things actually that people take for granted as far as Swedish massage goes.  You would be surprised…

Swedish Massage Scottsdale | Spa Treatments | Inspire Day Spa

Swedish Massage Scottsdale Style

  • This is one of the most highly recommended massages for newbies. It’s not as intensive as some others, but it still offers the same relaxation and muscle pain relief.
  • The massage therapist will often use friction in this technique. By rubbing their hands together, they then will then transfer this heat to your body.
  • Swedish massage represents the foundation for many newer massages. Deep tissue and sports massage for instance have their roots in Swedish massage.
  • Swedish massage does not come from Sweden. It was actually a Dutchman in the 19th century who developed this particular style.
  • Swedish massage can actually help your complexion. By stimulating blood flow and circulation it helps to repair skin cells as well as remove toxins.
  • In ancient Greece, those participating in the Olympics often received a massage prior to their event. In many ways this was a precursor to Swedish massage.
  • Those who perform Swedish massage generally have on average over 600 hours of training.

Swedish Massage Scottsdale | Spa Treatments | Inspire Day Spa

Swedish Massage Scottsdale: We’ve Got You Covered!

At Inspire Day Spa we specialize in many types of treatments—we pride ourselves particularly on how well we do when it comes to Swedish massage.  As mentioned this is one of our most popular treatments; guests love how it feels and they love how relaxed they are after their session.  Imagine dim lights, candles and aromatherapy–truly bliss! We certainly invite you to come to our lakeside location and experience the luxurious Swedish massage for yourself.  You can also visit our sister spa, New Serenity Spa.  Call and book your appointment today.  You will be so glad you did!


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