In those teenage years, we are often plagued by acne, zits and oily skin. It’s a part of life. Helping your teen get through this trying skin phase can mean looking at a variety of options. At Inspire Day Spa, we see teens all the time who are seeking solutions to cope with typical teenage skin issues. A teen facial for instance, is a great option for helping to exfoliate and cleanse problem skin.

The signs of being a teen as seen on the face and skin can lower confidence levels and decrease self esteem. We want to help! We want Phoenix and Scottsdale area teens to feel better about their appearance and more confident as far as how they face the world.

The Teen Facial -What’s Involved

When dealing with our teen clients, the facial process is adjusted to their skin type, condition and desired end result. The therapist will consult with the client and of course answer any questions or concerns prior to the teen facial. They will then address the issue of bacteria build up, clogged pores, excessive oil and other such problem the client may be experiencing.

Teenage skin is often more sensitive than an adult’s. All of our products are thus intended for a more delicate and sensitive skin type. First, the therapist will go through a deep cleansing process, accompanied by a gentle extraction.

Following this, after we have rid the skin of bacteria, including acne causing bacteria, we then apply products that help balance out the skin.  Your teen will leave with a healthier complexion, that one-of-a-kind glow and a brand new confidence.

Teen Facial: A Great Gift!

Why not treat your teen and their friends? Teen facials make a great birthday experience or even just a day of fun! We offer a variety of packages and would love to pamper your teen with a relaxing and soothing facial.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?