When getting a facial in Scottsdale, you go into your appointment with certain expectations. You want to feel pampered. You want to be able to relax. And of course, all facials Scottsdale style will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Whether you’re booked for an anti-aging facial, a sensitive skin facial or one of Inspire Day Spa’s Mommy-to-be facials Scottsdale, you will remember it as a truly transformative experience.

So how do you know exactly what type of facial you should be getting. Arizona features some of the country’s best skincare spas. And Scottsdale in particular, is home to spas that boast the latest when it comes to facial products and techniques. This means that you will have an array of facials from which to choose. We thought we’d offer some insight into how to go about choosing among the best facials Scottdale has to offer.Facials Scottsdale – Arizona - Inspire Day Spa

Know Your Skin Type When Scheduling Your Scottsdale Facial

Whether you have oily skin, combination or sensitive skin, having a handle on your specific skin type will definitely help you to determine the kind of facial that might be best.

  • Oily Skin: If your skin has a tendency to be oily, then some of the more traditional facials in Scottsdale may not be the best choice. Certain moisturizers and oils applied, for instance, can further clog your pores. Rather, for people with oily skin, the best facial options will be ones that feature an extraction and a deep cleansing. At Inspire Day Spa we offer the Deep Pore Cleanser treatment which actually is highly recommended for oily skin.
  • Sensitive Skin: Those with sensitive skin find that their complexion is irritated more easily and can be prone to redness, even outbreaks. Much as with oily skin, you don’t want to overdo it with oils and moisturizers. If you do have sensitive skin issues, you may want to speak to the esthetician first—you can review your choices and discuss your specific skin type.
  • Dry, Aging Skin: For drier skin it’s all about hydration and moisture. You’ll find numerous facials in Scottsdale that cater to those looking for anti-aging treatments. We offer an “Age with Grace” facial that results in a firmer and plumper looking complexion.


Facials Scottsdale – Products Are Important

When choosing your Scottsdale area facial, you want to pay attention to the products that are being used during treatment. All natural, all-organic products are a must. With so many wonderful options out there in the skincare world, there’s no excuse not to have completely natural facial products.

Inspire Day Spa is proud to feature the LeClair line of organic skincare products. From moisturizers and serums, to toners and scrubs, all of the products in the LeClair line are made from the best ingredients in nature: avocado, blackberry, apple, blueberry.

Facials Scottsdale – Arizona - Inspire Day Spa

Also, beyond just the products being used, here are some other questions to ask upon booking your Scottsdale facial:

  • How can I expect my skin to feel/look afterward?
  • Should I expect any redness/irritation?
  • What are your extraction methods?
  • Product recommendations for use afterward?
  • Will you get all my blackheads out? If not, why not?


When in Scottsdale, Stop By for a Facial

Our highly trained professional staff would love the chance to pamper you. Facials Scottsdale style are our specialty. Call for a consultation or stop by and see what we have to offer!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?