There are a ton of different types of massages that you can receive at a day spa in Scottsdale. From deep tissue, to hot stone and everything in between—you can expect to be pampered and ultimately, completely relaxed. But what of a relatively new trend in the massage catalog: bamboo massage. What exactly is a bamboo massage? What are the benefits of bambo massage? While it has been around for a while, its popularity really started taking off as far as within Scottsdale area day spas in the past few years. We offer here a brief guide regarding what you can expect from your bambo massage.

Benefits of Bambo Massage | Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

Inspire Day Spa: Scottsdale Area Bambo Massage Specialist

So essentially, the effect that you get from a bamboo massage is very much like what you can expect from a deep tissue. There is kneading involved and working those tense areas. Except that rather than using their hands, the therapist will use heated stalks of bamboo in order to soothe and relax your body.

The process is invigorating; some have described the feeling as that of warm tingling throughout the body. And the benefits of bambo massage are certainly plentiful…

  • Detoxification. There’s a specific way in which the therapist kneads and rolls the bamboo stalks out over the body. This form of massage thus promotes lymphatic drainage. And it helps the body to release some of the toxins that have built up within.
  • Circulation. Try and envision having the bamboo rolled over you. It’s not hard to see that obviously this type of motion and fluidity coupled with the heat from the stalks really does help with blood circulation.
  • Joint Pain Relief. Many who have undergone this treatment, are quick to say that among the many benefits of bambo massage is the alleviation of joint stiffness and pain. Again, the heat of the stalk couple with the circularity of motion really does affect the body in so many positive ways.
  • Surface Value. Bamboo itself has numerous antioxidant properties as well as  inherent minerals. Exposing the body and skin to this can have surprisingly beneficial effects.
  • Ultimate Relaxation. Close your eyes and imagine how amazing the heated bamboo stalks feel. Rolled out over your back, thighs and arms. This transports you to an absolute day spa massage paradise.

We Understand The Benefits of Bambo MassageBenefits of Bambo Massage | Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

If you are ready to try a bamboo massage at Inspire Day Spa in Scottsdale, we would love to be your spa of choice! You can also visit our sister location: New Serenity Spa. We always treat you as our honored guest. A visit to a spa should be about focusing on yourself, your health, your emotional, mental and psychological well-being. We understand this–and we are ever mindful that your spa day should be incredibly special.

Be prepared for an afternoon of serenity, relaxation and perhaps the best massage experience you will ever have. We offer a variety of massage treatments and have special packages available that combine our spa services. We can’t wait to help you melt your cares away, even for a couple hours, as you enjoy all that we have to offer.


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