Many may not be familiar with what exactly a European facial is. While there are slight nuances between a European facial and one that you might otherwise get at an area Scottsdale spa, both result in luxurious and smooth feeling skin. As we have had guests ask us about the process and benefits associated with a European Facial, we thought we’d take a moment to explain some of the key differences; not to mention, what makes a European facial so effective!

What is a European Facial? | Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

At Scottsdale’s Inspire Day Spa, we pride ourselves on offering the finest treatments in the region. Our estheticians are up to date and regularly take classes in order to learn about the latest in facial techniques. And when it comes to performing European style facials, they most definitely excel.

Understanding What a European Facial is All About

Much as with any facial, a European facial begins with a deep cleansing. The oils and bacteria build up on our face throughout the course of a day. And if the skin is not prepared properly, then the other elements involved in the facial will be far less effective. That initial cleansing is thus extremely critical!

Following this cleansing with an all organic product so as not to irritate the skin, you will then experience an exfoliation. When exfoliated, the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin are broken down and removed. This helps to reveal radiant and more youthful looking skin and this is where a lot of the real work of the European facial is in fact done.

We’re Not Finished Yet: Extractions and Masks

Extractions basically entail the esthetician performing a process that gets rids of blackheads and helps to unclog pores that might otherwise be traps for bacteria accumulation. This really is the final step needed to completely prepare your complexion to absorb all of the vitamins and nutrients that come with the mask application.

There are a variety of masks that day spas use in terms of a European facial. And largely it will depend on your skin type and any concerns you have as far as what type of mask will go on. For instance, if you’re concerned about acne, there are anti acne masks; there are also those for anti-aging, skin brightening as well as dry skin rehydrating masks. This is why you will consult with the esthetician prior to your facial treatment. The mask will remain on for a period of time while your skin drinks in the all natural ingredients of the LeClair Skincare mask that you use.

What is a European Facial? | Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

Inspire Day Spa: An Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa we offer a wide array of facial treatments attending to a variety of skincare needs. It is about the individual and what their skin requires as far as the way in which we will approach your facial experience. All of your estheticians are trained in the latest beauty/healthcare techniques which means you really do only get the best. We sincerely can’t wait to spend the day pampering you! Book your next appointment today!

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