We’re sure everyone’s at least heard the term “Swedish Massage” but not many people know exactly what it entails. A Swedish massage is a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. From the technique used, to the dim lights, to the massage oils, guests who book a Swedish massage are always in for a treat! If you’ve ever asked what is a Swedish massage? We think it’s time you come in and find out for yourself.

At Inspire Spa in Phoenix, the Swedish massage is actually one of our most popular treatments. And our highly trained therapists know precisely how to melt the knots and tension from our clients’ muscles. We wanted though to offer a quick primer to those who aren’t sure about what a Swedish massage involves.

What is a Swedish Massage? | Spa Massages | Inspire Spa | Phoenix

Swedish Massage 101

Lifehacker.com actually provides a fairly good breakdown of the differences between massage techniques. You can access that information here: https://lifehacker.com/whats-the-difference-between-all-these-types-of-massag-1522088430

With our years of experience when it comes to Swedish massage, both here at Inspire and our sister spa, New Serenity, we have found the following very useful:

  • Swedish massage is perfect for relaxing cramps and untensing knotted muscles. We hold a great deal of stress and tension in our muscles. Such can often take the form of very painful cramps. With a Swedish massage, the technique used really does help to break down knots and loosen tight muscle tissue.
  • Swedish massage utilizes something called effleurage strokes. These are basically longer strokes flowing over the targeted area. The intent is to help increase blood circulation and provide a feeling of soothing comfort.
  • Swedish Massage also relies upon friction. These are much shorter stroke that as their name suggests, simulate the feeling of heat. It greatly helps to loosen up those ligaments.
  • This type of massage also makes heavy use of a kneading technique. Inspire’s therapists truly understand how to use kneading in order to get the most relaxing results possible.


Hopefully You Won’t Have to Ask What is a Swedish Massage? You Can Experience it!

That’s the key! If you really want to know “what is a Swedish massage?” you need only come and experience it firsthand. We would love to show you around our Phoenix area spa, introduce you to our top rated staff and consult with you regarding the perfect massage style for targeting your needs.

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How Can We Help?