The number one spa staple…without question massages. For decades people have been visiting Phoenix area spas in order to partake in the ultra relaxing art of the massage. And make no mistake about it, massage is an art form. Each therapist puts their own spin on the treatment, whether that be massage deep tissue or a bamboo massage. It comes down to how they’re trained in tandem with their overall philosophy of massage.

At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa, we treat every customer as a welcomed guest. As such, your massage deep tissue experience should be a true moment during which you can let the stress of life slip away for a bit and just relish how it feels. What impact does the deep tissue massage have on your attitude, mood and mindset…We’re betting you’re going to feel pretty incredible once all is said and done!

What is Massage Deep Tissue? | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Understanding Deep Tissue Massage

So what exactly does a massage deep tissue entail? Great question! A deep tissue massage is actually used often when someone is trying to heal from a sports injury or a muscle strain for example. When you do experience an injury what generally happens is that scar tissue forms at the sight of said injury. This scarred tissue can then cause both pain and tightness—certainly not a comfortable feeling.

A massage therapist will use long strokes combined with sustained pressure in order to break up that tissue and ultimately alleviate your discomfort. Additionally, as this is a fairly intensive massage technique, it stimulates blood flow to the area which in turn can help speed up the healing process.

What Are Some Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

The benefits include, as already mentioned, healing faster than you otherwise might. Also, there is the alleviation of attendant pain. In addition, it is, as all massages are, incredibly relaxing. The mental/emotional benefits of essentially any type of spa massage are truly at the heart of why people get massages in the first place.

You get to lie back and focus on nothing but the sensation. In some ways, it is very much a meditative moment for you. We’ve had some guests actually move into a meditative state during their massage treatment—and we could not be happier. This is precisely what we want for you, whether you come to our Phoenix location for a massage deep tissue or even a facial. When you leave, we want you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, ready to tackle the world!

Inspire Day Spa: Phoenix’s Best Massage Spa

What is Massage Deep Tissue? | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Our lakeside location in tandem with our highly qualified massage therapists are definitely what make us among Phoenix’s premiere day spas. Time and time again we’ve had customers rave about their experience. It is after all a day during which you get to pamper yourself and simply enjoy the release and serenity of it all. We hope you will take the time to treat yourself. Come on in or call and book your next spa treatment today! You will be so glad you did.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?