At Phoenix based New Serenity Spa, one of our specialties is the body full massage. People love to feel relaxed. They want the tension and knots in their bodies to go away. They want the stress of life to just subside for a bit. And this is precisely why full body massages are such a popular spa service. Experienced therapists understand exactly what areas to target and consequently, how to help guests feel better, more refreshed and completely at ease. However, there are other benefits to a body full massage, ones you may not be aware of…


Some of the Benefits of a Body Full Massage

When thinking of a spa massage—whatever the type—you generally go to the idea of utter relaxation, serenity and comfort. Did you know though that there are benefits to a full body massage that many don’t really know about?

  • Your nervous system destresses. So it’s not just about the muscles. When you are completely relaxed your nervous system also enters a period of rest. During this time, production of stress hormones slows way down, while the good feeling hormone production amps up. It truly is a win-win.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system is partially responsible for balancing fluids in the body. As the therapist works on you, the lymph nodes are actually getting rid of waste and dead cells. This serves as a detoxification for the body.
  • It’s heart healthy as well. With any type of massage especially a body full massage, the blood circulation is going to improve. Which means that increased oxygen will flow to your body’s organs. Essentially, the entire cardio system gets a boost as a result of your spa massage experience.
  • Has a positive effect on digestion. As a full body massage often includes the abdominal area, this can be highly beneficial for the digestive system, helping to regulate and maximize the way in which your body absorbs certain nutrients.


FAQs about Body Full Massage

Many of our customers at Scottsdale’s New Serenity Spa do have questions regarding what a full body massage entails. We thought we’d answer a few of them here.

Do I have to get completely undressed?

  • For a full body massage, generally you should at least undress to your underwear. As the therapist works, parts of you will be covered by a sheet. We encourage our guests to be comfortable; that is key!

Will I have to move around?

  • Odds are you will have to adjust position. But don’t worry your therapist will instruct you accordingly.

Does a full body massage hurt?

  • Generally, no. However, if you do have particularly sore spots or problem areas, you definitely want to review these with the therapist prior to your treatment.

At New Serenity Spa, we pay attention to every single detail. We want your spa day to be perfect after all. Whether you come in for a massage, body wrap or facial, your experience will be a very memorable one. Stop in or call and book your appointment today!



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How Can We Help?