Day spas…There is so much to love about what you can find here when it comes to a day spa Phoenix Az. Luxurious, premiere area spas that cater to guests from the Phoenix area and beyond—from massages, to facials, to body wraps even, a day spa Phoenix Az can accommodate just about any treatment request a guest might have.

So here’s an interesting question: where and when did the day spa get started? Did they have spas back in the 1800s? How about during medieval times? Did the Ancient Greeks partake in soothing spa like massages? We decided to do a little digging and offer some insights in the history of spas.

Your Guide to the Best Day Spa Phoenix Az | Inspire Day Spa

A Brief History From Medieval Spas to Today’s Day Spa Phoenix Az

Yes, to answer one of the above questions—there were spas (in a manner of speaking) during the medieval era. Essentially, the town of Spa, Belgium is credited with coining the term “spa.” The town was quite rich in mineral springs. Back in the 14th century, people would be treated for various illnesses by either drinking or bathing in such springs.

Moving into the 16th century, towns such as Bath in England became quite popular with those who wanted medicinal baths. And in the 18th century, resort areas began to pop up around the “medicinal springs.” Often, those of the upper class would gather, bath and then dine and socialize. Guests of these resorts would stay sometimes for a month or even longer.

The Spa Evolves…

In the beginning of the 19th century, structures for bathers and those seeking curative help were being built all over Europe, and by the middle part of the century in the US as well. So when exactly did the modern day spa as we know it today first appear…

In the early/mid part of the 1900s bathing houses also turned into places for people to gather as well as experience other types of treatments, namely massages. From there, industry began expanding quite rapidly until the concept of spa evolved into what we know it to be today.

How Can a Day Spa Phoenix Az Change Your Life…

Your Guide to the Best Day Spa Phoenix Az | Inspire Day Spa

Okay, so maybe a spa can’t exactly change your life, but we like to think a day spent at the spa can have a pretty amazing impact. According to a recent article in Day Spa Magazine the popularity of spas is only poised to increase as “People are very focused on living a healthy lifestyle and are interested in improving their day-to-day lives. They increasingly want spa treatments and services that integrate a holistic approach.”

The move toward health and wellness most definitely is motivating people to seek out those treatments that truly do refresh, reinvigorate and renew. At Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa we offer not only individual treatments but complete packages that will transform you—and not just for the day either. Here’s how we think a day spa visit can and will change your life!

  • In terms of improving well-being, a spa targets not only your body, but your mind as well. Meditation and yoga are increasingly becoming a part of what day spas offer. The spa experience is first and foremost about helping guests feel rejuvenated.
  • There is too much stress in the world today…did you know that touch therapy, such that you experience from massages, wraps and facials, is an effective way to melt the stress. So with Inspire Day Spa’s Swedish massage for example, you’re not only helping sore muscles, but decreasing your stress level as well.

More Ways a Spa Visit Can Impact Your Life

  • With constantly advancing technology, treatments are now becoming even more cutting edge, which means customers see results faster. So with certain skincare treatments in particular, such as New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa’s Oxygen Facial, you get maximum detoxification and hydration that penetrates deeply and leaves skin looking younger.
  • Visits to a day spa Phoenix Az are personalized. Gone are the one size fits all approaches to spa treatments. This day is about you, your body, your mind, your spirit. This is why making the spa experience unique to you is so key. You will consult with a therapist/esthetician and they will tailor a spa package and/or treatment that is specific to your needs and wants.
Your Guide to the Best Day Spa Phoenix Az | Inspire Day Spa

Why We Are the Best Day Spa Phoenix Az

So now that you’re up to speed on the history of spas and consequently how great they are for you, we wanted to talk a bit about what makes us so special. Certainly upon googling days spas in Phoenix you will find that the resulting list is fairly long. So why choose Inspire Day Spa, or our sister spa, New Serenity Spa? Glad you asked!

  • Our location. At Inspire Day Spa it’s not just about what the spa and treatment rooms look like—it’s about the outdoors as well. We are situated on the gorgeous Lake Marguerite, which means water side relaxation for all of our guests! Soak in the tranquility of the lake and add to the overall wellness experience.
  • Our packages. From the Romance by the Lake package to our various facial/massage combo packages to include: the Spoil Me Package and Girl’s Day Package, you truly can have it all at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa.
  • Our staff. How can you tell if a day spa is worth a visit…largely by the caliber of the people who work there. Our therapists and estheticians are constantly taking courses on the latest trends, advancing their education and engaging in intensive training. We only hire the very best in this business!

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If you’ve been toying with the idea of visiting a day spa, now is definitely the time. You deserve to be pampered, you deserve to have a day where you can leave your cares and stress at home and just enjoy the ambiance, the treatments and the moment of well being. You will be transformed by the experience—this, we promise. Call or book online today!

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