Most people have probably heard of a hot stone massage. However, many don’t really understand what this type of massage is all about. Perhaps one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever encounter, a hot stone massage is a can’t miss treat!

Hot Stone Massage Inspire Day Spa Scottsdale

What is Involved with a Hot Stone Massage?

At Inspire Day Spa, we put our own luxuriously amazing spin on an otherwise typical hot stone massage. Picture it: you’ve had a really long day and are eagerly awaiting that moment of relaxation. Our lakeside environment is ready to embrace you. Your therapist gets you situated and as comfortable as you’ve ever been.

Gently placing flat, heated stones along your back, the masseuse works her magic. The key to a terrific hot stone massage is how, in essence, the stones are utilized. Of course, the heat feels incredible. But then also the way in which the therapist works with the stones and uses them to release tension in your back makes all the difference.

Some masseuses will integrate Swedish massage techniques with the stones. This may include long, gentle strokes, circular movements, and deep kneading.


Why Inspire Day Spa Offers the Best Hot Stone Massages

At Inspire Day Spa our mission is simply to give our clients the ultimate in relaxation. A hot stone massage can certainly accomplish this. Our therapy and massage rooms are designed with ultra comfort in mind. The lake and its quietly lapping water add immensely to the overall experience. And our hot stone techniques will momentarily transport you away from the bustle of life.

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We urge you to come in and see for yourself. Our therapists will be more than happy to explain our hot stone massage process, and we can also offer you a variety of other types of massage: Swedish, full body, deep tissue, even couples massage. It truly is a magical experience!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?